ProMax Cookies & Cream: $1.99/Publix

Rectangle Food took a very long break, not from eating bars or doodling, but from undue added stress on my peepers, as I feel like work has me staring at my computer screen so frequently that resting my eyes from added electronic time has been for the best. Oh who am I kidding, I have a zillion of other excuses, the least of which is “too much screen time”, which, coincidentally, is the name of my next Bearnestein Bears knock-off book about kids (mine) who start their summer break off immediately glued to their electronics.

And speaking of “glue”, this ProMax Cookies & Cream bar looks like an art project, something made with sculpy and painted over with thick goopy white Elmer’s glue and a perfectly brown smooth interior with a few token darker brown dots. I get that it’s going for the white/brown cookies and cream color effect, but the taste is pretty far off the radar for capturing an Oreo spirit. But the “cream” somehow reminds me more of a frozen grocery store cream puff’s guts. And I definitely don’t have the guts to get a tattoo, despite having drawn them for friends over the years. So I’m a cream puff who’s leery of pokey needle things, and comes up with reasons as to why I draw them and can’t commit to one, nor can I commit to maintaining my Rectangle Food blog. FWIW, I’ve been moving into a new house gradually over the past several months, so in between hauling stuff (grabbing a bite of a bar in between each carload) from old house to my birdie girls’ and I’s new nest, there have been a multitude of projects to take care of, but unlike the “Pro” in this bar’s brand name, the contractor that I’ve hired to do many of these projects is being far from “pro” in his lack of enthusiasm and procrastination. Too bad his name’s not Max, or I’d have shared this bar with him ironically.

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