Clif Zbar Awesome Orange: Box of 5/$2.99/Target

Weather perked up this past weekend (after a stupid week of snow that meant schools being closed for a few days and giggly girl interupptions while I tried to work.) One of the sunnier days, I took Louise to the park. I sent some sassy sunglasses smiley selfies, one of which I sent to a friend remarking that I was at “zee park”, the response back was “where is ‘zee park’?”; apparently my dweeby French texting doesn’t come across as anything but literal and as much as I wanted to reply with something in French, I reluctantly replied that no, it was just “the” park (bien sur.) I stuck a Clif Zbar Awesome Orange into my bag, along with some Skittles, to nibble on in the sun, and found that Louise prefers an orange-flavored squishy oat-filled energy bar to a gorgeous ball of sweet orange juicy perfection shipped to us from Pittman Davis, courtesy of her grandmother in Texas who thoughtfully sends us fruit boxes to perk up our winter blahs. So the oranges become a game of roll-the-ball on the floor until I can catch it before it gets too dinged up that I can’t eat it myself. I love Clif Zbars, zee bars are delicieux, every flavor, and even that unusual subtle orange hint is a fun and unexpected citrus taste that isn’t often found in bars. Hopefully the weather will improve with continued Spring-like afternoons so we can eat more bars outdoors while swinging from monkey bars. The crazy switch from snow to seventies inspired me to draw saucy weather girl who just can’t make up her mind in the morning about what to wear; while she may not be French, she’s got style and a jaunty rainhat and ready to predict what bar you should eat next. (Clif Z, mais oui.) 5/5

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