Quaker Chewy Smores: $1.99/Qty. 8/Walmart

It’s not often that I prefer a generic brand food product to the real thing, and I mean really-really like the store-brand one better than the name-brand one. The one that comes to mind first is Kroger’s  yogurt, but I’m always disappointed to see several of my favorites discontinued. (RIP Caramel Spice Cake, Blueberry Cobbler, and Pumpkin Pie.) Then there’s Kroger’s Marshmallow Treasures cereal, a kicky ocean-themed ripoff of Lucky Charms. If I’m not careful, I could eat an entire box in one sitting, especially a heaping bowl where the oat-y puffs become even puffier when sponging up milk.

The marshmallow pieces in a Quaker Chewy S’mores bar are similar to the marshmallow pirates, treasure chests, maps, fish (I’m just reaching here. I don’t actually know what  shapes they’re supposed to be in their “treasures”) found in the Kroger brand cereal. Eating it makes me want to be back on the beach at Amelia Island roasting marshmallows last summer during the visit for my friend’s wedding. Or on any beach for that matter. It’s ridiculously cold and shivery here right now that I would gladly transport myself to any tropical place. A beach laden with pirate treasures or a bonfire or just a pile of sand smooshed between my toes. Quaker S’mores bar is scrummy and one of the tastier of the bars meant to taste like graham + chocolate + marshmallow and I particularly like the smiley marshmallow on the wrapper, although his happy face is now taunting me. Hah, it’s cold where you are. You’re neither camping nor on a beach but I’ve convinced you that you either need a bowl of generic cereal or that you should start planning the beach trip you can’t afford. Screw you marshmallow, I’m going to eat you! 5/5

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