Clif Sierra Trail Mix: $1/Kroger

clif_sierratrailmix (2)I am in love. This Clif bar really is like a handful of trail mix, all held together in a tidy lump w/o having a loose ziploc of all of the ingredients bopping around. I have a serious obsession w/ trail mixes, snack mixes, treat mixes, but I’m also borderline-neurotic about the ratio of salty (nut, sometimes pretzel or goldfish cracker) to sweet (chocolate chip or M&M) to squishy (raisin or occasionally Calymyrna figs chopped, when Costco has them, which they’re out of stock of right now /sob).
clif_sierratrailmix (3)
So far, each bite into the Sierra Trail Mix Clif bar has resulted in mouth-harmony of raisin, nut and chocolate. The moment that changes (hasn’t yet, and I’m half-way thru it), I will put this on my no-buy list. Yes, I am THAT particular (read: batshit crazy) about a trail mix ratio. OK, I’ve finished it entirey, I’m full and I am more than pleased w/ the flavor and texture, and price of course. Clif bars get you the most bang for your buck; nom nom! I’m going to pack up a bunch of these for my upcoming beach trip. No seagulls will sneak fallen bites from this Clif bar! 5/5


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