Clif Berry Pomegranate Chia: $1/QT

One of my friends also had a tough 2017, and casually mentioned us sneaking away for a girls’ weekend to her Mom’s cabin in the north Georgia mountains. I’m not going to pester her about it, but I really really could use a getaway, not just to step away from “Mommy-mode” but to just have a break. My last mountain adventure of any sorts was a friend’s sister’s bachelorette weekend and was such a delight to be away even just for a few nights that I’m anxious for something like that again. I’d gladly take a tent in the woods, but a posh cabin with cliffside hot tub would be berry sweet. That last trip, I’m pretty sure that I ate a bar on the way, but this time my bar (Clif Berry Pomegranate Chia) is sadly being eaten in my kitchen with a view of gray, drab backyard, a far cry from smiling mountains. But I am smiling (with chia seeds in my teeth probably) because I think this is the first non-desserty Clif bar that I like, and I feel healthier for eating it because of super-powers that I’m pretty sure that pomegranate and chia bestows upon a less-than-super gal. I’m moving past doom-and-gloom, sure, but too many recent trials and troubles continue to test my ability to keep a smile on my face. “When will it end????”, spoken in a deep yodel voice that would hopefully one day in the near future reverberate across mountain cliffs. When the holiday season twirliness ebbs, and kids are back on school routines, perhaps I can nudge my friend into convincing her Mom to let us sneak away to her cabin, and for sure, I’ll eat a bar either on the way, or to pad my belly before what would probably be a weekend of drinking. Clif on a cliff, yes, I can work with that. 4/5

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