FiberOne Chocolate Chip Cookie Crunchy: $3.69/Box/Kroger

fiberone_chochipcookie (3)I wish that I’d seen that this was called Fiber One Chocolate ChipĀ Crunchy cookie b/c itĀ  reminds me of the Chips Ahoy or wee Famous Amos cookies that my Dad used to put in my brown-bag lunches when I was a kid. I never particularly liked them b/c they were just too crunchy, and my thoughtful (and unaware) Dad went out of his way to make me the most adorable lunches and I usually ended up dissecting or trading them. (Or banking up my $5/weekly soda funds and instead buying the homemade squishy frisbee-sized chocolate chip cookies at the cafeteria.) He’d also make me a ham/cheese/margarine sandwich on “baby white air bread” and I’d take out the ham and roll it up and eat it alone. Oatmeal Cream Pies? I’d scrape out the cream and just eat the oatmeal sides. Chex Mix? I only wanted the doodoo brown bagel chips. I’m glad that my sandwich taste has evolved past rolling up a piece of butter-smeared ham, and that I can appreciate the symphony of flavors that one’s mouth reaps when masticating more than one element from the bag of Chex Mix.

So I guess what I’m saying is I love you Dad and appreciate all that you did for me growing up. (You even did my hair in piggy-tails in the morning! What a Super Dad!) But I don’t want crunchy cookies, even if they are high fiber and neatly foil-wrapped as Fiber Ones are. 2/5
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fiberone_chochipcookie (2)


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