LaraBar Spinach Apple: $1/Kroger

Another delayed Christmas greeting, but a LaraBar Fruit+Green Strawberry Spinach Cashew seemed like an appropriate holiday bar to eat during my visit with my parents, based on the festive red and green wrapper. All the more appropriate that the day after Christmas, I vowed to return to eating spinach at least twice a day again, after over-indulging in meats, sweets and treats. I have to say that I would rather eat a handful of unwashed raw spinach stems than this bar again. It has a Lara trademark gummy texture, brown lumpy appearance, and the taste is just too out-there in a bitter way with not enough strawberry to make up for its being more dirt-like. There’s a perfume line (Demeter) with unusual smells like Dirt, Tomato, Banana Flambee (one of my favorites), Laundry Mat and New Baby, and I always liked the smell of dirt. Reminds me of Pike’s Nursery in the spring growing up, picking out flowers to put in the garden bed. I’m sure at some point growing up I sampled a bite of a dirt pie, but I don’t want to go out of my way to eat anything now that tastes like dirt. (And on a perfume-related note, my awesome Dad took my dropped hint of wanting the Sephora perfume sampler coffer for Christmas so now I get to try out all kinds of scents before deciding on the full-size one.) So LaraBar Strawberry Spinach just wasn’t for me, and neither did Joanna or Louise approve either, but that was probably based on their tastebuds being bombarded with Grandparent-spoiling-overload on Christmas goodies. Both my parents, along with Santa, were extra-good to my girls this year, what with it having been a challenging one to say the least. So we made it through the holidays with smiles on our faces and hopefully fewer dirty smudges in our hearts. 1/5


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  • Dad says:

    so glad Christmas was a winner. As you know I’ve bought more bars lately, with the hope your Mom would be happy to eat them. Protein bars have been what she needs, but she’s not been impressed. I certainly won’t buy this Lara bar .

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