Bobo’s Oat Bar Maple Pecan: $3.99/Higher Grounds

A belated rectangular Christmas greeting. I had a restful holiday week at my parents with such rectangular activities as holding rectangular cards playing Gin Rummy with my Dad (I kindly let him beat me a few times /cough), hovering over my rectangular sketchpad drawing for my first ever commissioned art project (still a secret, but a themed coloring book for a friend’s mother), tap-tapping on my rectangular phone over text messages with friends catching up about festive adventures, and eating food of all flavors and shapes, including the occasional rectangular bar. I had a Bobo Maple Pecan bar, and warmed for 15 seconds in the microwave, it became like a sweet holiday bread loaf or cake. While it can’t hold a candle to my pumpkin pie, as far as desserts go, it’s one of the sweeter of the Bobos, definitely reminding me of one of my cousin’s pecan pies that she brought to a holiday party one year. Just enough maple to not taste like a pancake, enough pecan to have a crunchy surprise, and soft cake-ey texture. nomnom.

Santa was good to my family this year; I can’t say the same for the universe as 2017 was a literal sockfull of coal, one bad thing lobbed after another at us. I kept my sparkle pants on for the girls and it proved to be a memorable Christmas. Looking back on my booty though, I’m disappointed to say that I didn’t receive any bars, but I socked away enough Amazon credit to order some. Armed with a bellyful of bar (I need a gut-break from turkey and treats) and a handful of new drawing pens, I’ll enter the new year, still sporting sparkle-pants, and an insistence that the universe owes me big. 5/5

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