Larabar Mint Chocolate Chip: $1/Kroger

Lately I’ve been taking special requests for unusual drawing themes. I tend to zone in on teeny patterns that don’t really amount to anything other than trippy swirlies, but I’ve been most amused by the imaginative ideas that are thrown my way. Last week, I was asked to draw a seahorse. My first instinct would be a seahorse doing something entirely unexpected, like roller-skating. (Joanna’s response to that was “how would a seahorse roller-skate without feet to wear skates?”) So she suggested a cowgirl mermaid riding on a seahorse, hence the drawing for a Larabar Mint Chip Brownie that I ate while I was doing the doodle. And while the cheerful bright green wrapper may have evoked seaweed (despite my never adding color to my drawings other than the dopey Photoshop spill bucket that I do here sometimes), I am happy to say that the bar inside the wrapper tasted nothing like seaweed. While the texture remains that same Larabar chewiness, it manages to taste like a Girl Scout thin mint cookie that sat in a hot car for a little while. I did have the pleasure of eating some seaweed at an all-you-can-eat Korean BBQ restaurant last night – where I put this ridiculous amount of meat, I don’t know because it was the day after Thanksgiving, yet I somehow managed to eat copious amounts of tabletop grilled proteins with mysterious side accoutrements for 2 straight hours. No room for dessert, even if it were of the chocolate mint variety, but it was a fun experience. Almost as fun as drawing a bucking broncharina mermaid in a fishbowl. Any sassy drawing ideas (or new bars to try) cast them out my way and I’m sure I’ll hook into something. 4/5

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