Belvita Cranberry Orange: $3.49/Box of 5/Kroger

I make a wicked cranberry salsa for the holidays that has cilantro, roasted pineapples and onions, with lime and orange juice. I wouldn’t eat it any other time of the year because every fruity/sweet/smoky/tart bite needs to be balanced with a stab of turkey, blob of mashed potato, or dribble of gravy. So eating a Belvita Cranberry Orange bar tastes too much like a Thanksgiving dessert in crunchy oval form. It has dark blorps that taste like the shriveled cranberries that come dried in a bag, but they at least add some textural variance to the crunchy surfboard. Not that beer would ever be an appropriate accompaniment to eating a Belvita, but it worked just fine as a side beverage not only at Thanksgiving dinner, but also while preparing the cranberry salsa. And several days before Thanksgiving, I received a request from a friend to draw a beer bottle themed drawing which sounded too bland to me, so the beer bottles decided to go sky-diving. (Let me add that my salsa is anything but bland, but my taste in beer probably veers into bland category as I’m partial to Miller Lite and get often mocked for it. Meh, oh well.) So beer + Thanksgiving – skydiving = Happy Ticia. I’m “getting my sparkle back” lately as I navigate new and unfamiliar areas of my life, and some of that includes going out more often to step out of my Mom zone and feel a little more Ticia which occasionally involves the drinking of beer. As emboldened as I become everyday, I can’t say that I would ever skydive, but I’m always down for trying new flavors, whether it’s a bar, a beer, or unusual food. So I’m glad that I tried this Belvita, but I would rather wait til Christmas to enjoy cranberries in my salsa form, but maybe in the meantime, I’ll do something equally un-Ticia like and go salsa dancing? A far cry from the awesomeness that I’m sure sky-diving is, but I’m little a roly-poly orange wiggling around on a dance floor with no moves that maybe I could be tarty and jam out some dancing. 3/5

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