No Cow Chocolate Banana Bread: $2/GNC

Mornings are becoming earlier, blearier, and grumpier. We’re far from a night-owl house, but before there’s enough a touch of color in the sky, Louise recently has taken to wiggling and chatting with stuffed animals, and bouncing out of bed between 5 and 6. I typically get up at 4:30 to have a quiet start to the day myself, coffee and checking in work before house goes into breakfast and dressing tornado mode, but when she’s interrupting my peaceful early hour to demand a squirt of toothpaste on her toothbrush and banana chocolate chip muffins, well, sparkle pants turn into grouchy pants. I recently made a massive batch of mini banana chocolate chip muffins (with a handful of finely-grated zucchini, just enough for moisture, but not so much that green flecks would make Louise exclaim “Salad???!”) and froze a bunch.

Sadly, a No Cow Chocolate Banana Bread bar can’t quite mimic the taste of either the bread or muffin taste, even with a little microwave warm-up. And this morning, I need all the warming up that I can muster. For some reason, my house just can’t keep up with the freakishly cold weather and it’s struggling to even be 62 degrees in my downstairs. I’m desperately missing my old garage sale purchase of a space heater that eventually made its way to a Craigslist “curb alert” along with several other appliances that weren’t working but I figured somebody might want to scoop them up before they ended up in a trash pile. I’m not even sure how many layers I’m wearing right now, but safe to say that I probably look like a puffy owl with my peepers peeking out from two hoods that I have pulled over my head as my fingers shiver on the keyboard and teeth chatter through the last bite of this bar. For any owl wisdom that I may have bouncing around my brain grapes, I can’t fathom why the house just refuses to keep up with the cold so I may just have to share a few more of those muffins with Louise for some extra warmth. (She was too cold to even get out of pj’s this morning, opting to layer over her pajamas; wise move, little one. Maybe tomorrow morning you’ll sleep later than 5 and enjoy your cozy nest; i.e. my bed that you like to ninja into in the middle of the night now.) 2/5


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