Oh Yeah! One Peanut Butter Pie: $2/GNC

My air conditioner was recently repaired and it’s kicking on and off with cool air bursts, and yet yesterday heralded in an early morning bite in the air resulting in everybody smiling a little broader than usual. A pink-cheeked chill just barely nudging itself into winter’s onslaught, until a late morning sunshine temperature burst. Crunchy leaves a-foot almost convince me that maybe we were actually going to have an actual Georgia fall. Alas, the A/C is still twerking its cold blasts on occasion since the weather’s bounced warm again, but it never seems to stop stores from pushing holiday fare. After my nostrils are assaulted by cinnamon and pumpkin overload from Halloween that’s just past, I come home to see a neighbor slamboing her Facebook page with links to crafty-fingered websites showcasing the too-much-free-time Moms’ ability to create Christmas wreaths out of cereal boxes, twist ties from bags of bread, Q-tips, old lids to peanut butter jars, and I don’t know, stale pretzel sticks and discarded fingernail trimmings.

Recent errands showcased clearance endcaps of pumpkin and Autumnal items and precarious stacks of boxes with glimpses of Christmas products … and it was the day after Halloween. Pumpkin-flavored items already discontinued in swift preparation for a candy cane onslaught. I popped into the Vitamin Shoppe last weekend and was rewarded with several bars that I don’t typically encounter at the grocery store, and the chipper gal behind the counter (despite her black Goth attire, her smile was bright and attitude warm. Like a cheerful witch) recommended Oh Yeah! One Peanut Butter Pie bar. It has the same gummy texture of other Oh Yeahs, as well as Quest, bars, but it tastes good. I would compare it to Charleston saltwater taffy, if it was kissed by Peter Pan, and injected with protein. It’s almost like the center of a Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup (of which I ninja’ed several from the Halloween loot of my kids) without the ruffled, round chocolate coating. I could’ve used a peanut butter protein smack in the face during trick-of-treating because keeping up with an enthusiastic sugared-up 3 year old was tiring. 5/5

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