Think Thin Superfruit Chocolate Pomegranate Cherry: $1.99/Kroger

Pomegranate arils are so stainy that I’ve considered using my blood-red fingers to swipe through the gray “unicorn horns” that are sprouting prematurely from my scalp to give them a nice magenta hue.¬† I could market it as the all-natural and organic approach to coloring one’s hair, or better yet, it would be a recommendation for the young newbie’s foray into the world of hair-coloring in avoidance of the hot pink mess that I made of my hair when I was 12 and dipped my head into¬† sinkful of cherry Koolaid as I was left with a nice dusting of sugar crystal residue that not only resembled dandruff, but also attracted several swarms of bees. So if and when the fast-approaching day comes when either of my daughters wants to explore her rebellious need to change her appearance, I could just pick up a pomegranate. My last pomegranate spewed and just a few scattered dribbles left cheery red polka dots on my ill-thought purchase of a cream colored carpet.

Last week I was sitting at a traffic light and saw a van next to me with a happy advertisement blaring “24-hour Emergency Carpet Cleaning!” making me wonder, what (other than the macabre) could require one to need their carpet serviced in the middle of the night? Maybe a pomegranate catastrophe and hopefully not one that was the result of eating a Think Thin Superfruit Chocolate Pomegranate Cherry bar because unfortunately, cherry is the dominate taste here, and there isn’t much red coloring its brown misshapen blob. I didn’t find myself eating this Think Thin bar at 2 a.m., nor did it stain anything other than my opinion of the brand’s bars that aren’t the chocolate protein/fiber ones, but if either had happened and I called the emergency carpet-cleaners, I would hope that they wouldn’t judge my wispy grays. 1/5


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