Lara Bar Cinnamon Roll: $1/Kroger

I love candles that smell like baked goods. Like I’m totally faking out the air in my house to trick nostrils into sniffing sugar-laced treats rising buoyantly in the oven, dusted in spices, making little girl noses wiggle in anticipation of … burning artificial wax. I bought a cinnamon pastry candle at Publix the other day and the gal who’s there occasionally bagging groceries and who always starts the most unusual conversations that seem to waft from her brain-oven in the most random of ways, snatched the candle from the register, unscrewed the lid, stuck her nose in, and gave a deep generous whiff declaring it “scrummy.” I forgave her for using a charming “Great British Baking Show”-esque adjective because otherwise I would’ve found it odd, like the checker-outer at the grocery store who inspects an item that you’re purchasing and has an opinion about how good or bad it might taste.

Lara Cinnamon Roll bar has the same spotted brown shade as the candle wax, and unfortunately a very similar texture to what I imagine candle wax to feel like in my mouth, but surprised me with a pleasant taste, far better than so many other Lara bars. It’s one of their limited edition seasonal flavors but seeing as how Laras as always 10 for $10, I wouldn’t mind stocking up on this one to taste cinnamon roll goodness next Spring when I’m burning a bargain-bin cinnamon candle, because when pumpkins are transformed into Santas as the year progresses, I’ll scoop up some seasonal savings. 4/5


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