Brookside Blueberry Dark Chocolate Acai: $1.99/CVS

Not long ago, I was aburst with a new job opportunity joy and despite my car warning me of “required maintenance” based on the 535 miles that I put on the sweet gal driving to training, I reminded myself that once I was solidly comfortable in the position, it would entirely be from home, as it is now. And it’s awesome. And it’s legitimate, unlike the “envelope-stuffing … right from your dorm room!” scam that a roommate and I fell for our freshman year in college. So I’m a board moderator for a financial website based in the UK. Does this jive with my art background, retail experience, online auctioneering, table-waiting melange of a resume? Well, so far responding to trolls bickering about stocks online is pretty similar to handling the hotel surveys I used to deal with, along with Ebay customer issues. Like ALL shouty CAPS threats of negative feedback.

During my first day’s drive to train, I found my car firmly a-squat in a sludge of construction, rush-hour, shopping, and holiday traffic. Every pocket of auto slowdown that I could encounter, I did. I was well-prepared and tore into a Brookside Dark Chocolate Blueberry and Acai bar, similar to a KIND with its glossy chunkiness of fruits and nuts, and to my delight, the blueberry wasn’t so pronounced that I couldn’t enjoy the Acai. One of those food words that, in the past, I’d Google its pronunciations before attempting to let my mouth dribble it out entirely wrong, like Quinoa, Harissa, Bimbibap. And how convenient that on my drive home from that day of training, I stopped to chow at a Mediterranean place where I had harissa sauce over a chicken kabob with quinoa. Not sure how much superpower the Acai berry has, but I definitely feel my super moderator powers in my mouse-clicking-finger-flex ability to warn and suspend trouble-making users on the message boards. And now I’m able to wield my mouse power on investment trolls while my non-mouse hand eats another Brookside bar, because I gotta say, that flavor was scrumptious. 5/5



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