Nutrigrain Soft-baked Strawberry: $3.88/Box of 16/Walmart

I can’t even think of how old these are; no, my box isn’t old and stale, although I should check the date on some of the bars that I’ve ordered online because I’ve been shipping some that were well past their sell-by date. Nutri-Grain Cereal Bar Strawberry has been available for so many years. Other than carrying a cold Pop-tart out the door, this was one of the first “Eep! I’m running late out the door now need breakfast!” breakfast foods. I could never make it til lunchtime with just one of these in my belly, but they are soft, tasty, and the strawberry is neither too sweet, nor is it too jammy.

Maybe the first time that they came out I was listening to a Jock Jams CD in my brother’s hand-me-down Bronco II. A little bass, a little Ice Cube “Today Was a Good Day” jammin’ my Jock Jams down Ashford-Dunwoody Road. Upon arrival at school, a prompt switch to “Car Wash” or “The Hustle” to inspire a little 7:30 a.m. parking lot dance party. My friend Maggie was always ready for a jig. She told me once that she refuses to eat Nutri-Grain bars because that’s all she ate when she was backpacking in Outdoor Ed. I took that class one semester but didn’t get the joy of having a week-long camping and backpacking trip in Germany as she did. Once the disposable camera film was developed at Eckerd Drugs, or a Wolf Camera store in the mall, I got to see all their pictures and was envious of the thought of hiking with a Nutri-grain in my backpack, although it probably would’ve gotten totally smooshed flat unlike a sturdier granola bar. So in conclusion, put a firm bar in your backpack when camping or hiking. When in your beat up ride, enjoy pre-“Daddy Day Care” Ice Cube and a soft bar. And if you’re a parent like me, maybe avoid putting squishy bars in your kid’s backpack and hold back judgement when being made to watch gentle comedies like “Daddy Day Care” with said kid. 4/5

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