Clif Zbar Filled Chocolate Peanut Butter: $2.99/Box of 5/Kroger

Lately I’ve been combing Netflix for stand-up comedians, not having any nearby clubs or venues where I can go to comedy shows. (Although the girls occasionally provide much comic relief for me in their daily antics. For instance, a few weeks ago – Louise balled up six different colors of Play-doh, and rolled them into a hideous brown snake that she proceeded to declare was “doo doo!!”) Trying to find stand-up comics who don’t dot their jokes with vulgarity has proven a challenge, so I either wait til the girls aren’t around, or I find what I call “Gentle Dad Comedy” if they’re traipsing around, like Jim Gaffigan, or more recently, Ryan Hamilton.

I was watching his most recent Netflix show and chomping down on a Clif Zbar Filled Chocolate Peanut Butter bar when he got to his bit about hot air balloons, realizing that for 8 or 9 years now, I’ve attempted to go to the Fall hot air balloon festival at a nearby neighborhood but have never successfully made it there for various reasons. Not sure that I’d want to be hovering over the ground in a flaming wicker basket, but seeing them a-drift in all their colors across the sky, not unlike the unicorn-pastels of the Play-doh before they were smushed together, is definitely smile-inducing a la Ryan Hamilton’s “Happy Face” I am glad that the Clif Zbar doesn’t resemble doodoo or I wouldn’t have been very happy to have eaten it. Even though it’s a brown log (fine, I can find the chuckles in toddler-toilet-humor), it is delicious with a smooth Nutella-like texture running through the middle. I don’t know why but I like Clif Zbars that are marketed to kids, better than their Mom and Dad Clif bar counterparts. Methinks it’s because of the sparkly-eyed childlike whimsy I find in videos that I record such as this the adventures in Poo-doh. 5/5



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