Oh Yeah! One Lemon Cake: $1.99/Publix

victory_lemonpie (3) Citrus smells and tastes always inspire a jazzy awakening in me, like doing the Broadway-running-dance. A sprinkle of lemon zest in a pasta dish, a squirt of lemon over a fish entree, a splash of lime in a fresh salsa, even broiled grapefruit with butter and sugar carmelizing on top (yes, grapefruit broiled in the oven with a pat of butter and some sugar – a magical transformation of tart sweet juicy and decadent.) When it comes to dessert, I usually don’t gravitate towards fruity, instead going for the nutty, savory or chocolate spectrum. No offense to my Dad’s Atlantic Beach Pie, but I am just not wild about key lime or lemon desserts. Enter Oh Yeah! One Lemon Cake bar. I actually felt more energized after eating this, the sweet lemony taste and the protein fueled me for what turned out to be just over 6 miles of running yesterday morning. The lemon wasn’t a puckering overkill either – it’s a soft lemon pie taste sweetly embracing my tastebuds and then amped up my motivation for a run.

Running is basically my escape from work-brain, chores, projects and stepping outside my Mom-box, resulting in a well-earned shower. There is something so rewarding about showering after getting filthy, exercise, gardening, or cleaning out a garage. Oh yes, this past Saturday a “speedy dark gray ‘something'” scampered or slithered past the workbench in my garage, so I spent 3 hours moving every box, trunk, bucket and oversized cobweb-festooned doohickey out of the garage and into the driveway. (Several cars slowed down thinking I was having a yard sale.) Thinking that clearing it all out, I would flush out the snake/rat/big lizard in my backyard, can’t afford to feed it anymore? Yes I listened to Dead Milkmen in college, and I also had a roommate with a big nasty lizard that would perch in its cage and kick poo pellets or mulch out at whoever was sitting too close. I would welcome that loathsome lizard in my garage over the shadowed fiend that I never nabbed. Too bad I can’t coax it out with a tempting Oh Yeah bar, but I’ll save the next one for myself, and on the plus side, my garage DOES look neater.  4/5
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