FitJoy Homemade Pumpkin Pie: 1.99/Publix

fitjoy_pumpkinpie (3) I’m not ready for the flood of seasonal pumpkin spice flavors and smells when I’m still burning a Coconut-scented candle, slathering on tan-in-a-can to avoid my ghostly pallor (lack of sleep due to twirly brain activity has resulted in a gray hue to both more of my hair and my cheeks), and dreaming about our Kiawah trip next month, all summery things that don’t inspire a desire for Autumnal-themed products. Nevertheless, several days before school started, despite it still officially being summer, the spirals and gluesticks started to be replaced on store shelves by orange leaves, gourds, bats, and pumpkin-flavored fad food. FitJoy’s Homemade Pumpkin Pie made its way into my shopping cart last week and it tastes more like a bowl of oatmeal that’s sat out too long and congealed and sprinkled on top with pumpkin pie spice, not to mention its unattractive pale brown gloppy appearance.

I won’t brag (too much) but my homemade pumpkin pie is really good, and choking this FitJoy down is the only thing that’s making me look forward to the pumpkin-flavored things that are rapidly dotting store shelves. While Thanksgiving is far away, and this FitJoy is a far cry for the taste of my dessert, I am joyful for one thing right now more that anything, and that is that I have a fantastic support system of friends and family to wade through rough waters. (And I hope that they aren’t wading through the literal waters of Irma’s aftermath.) Some of them might think that I’m a dweeb for ingesting bars and writing mostly irrelevant tales about their texture or flavor, or in the case of FitJoy Homemade Pumpkin Pie, its lacking qualities in both departments, but I hope they realize how much joy I take for the parts of my life that they fit so lovingly into. 1/5
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