KIND Dark Chocolate Cherry Cashew: $0.00/Kroger

kind_dkchoccranberry (3)I’m really trying to follow the message in my boodle / bar-doodle of being kind, but lately my selfishness is winning the battle due to my life being turned upside-down. I’ve had some public breakdowns that have resulted in strangers being especially kind to me; for instance, in the produce department at Kroger (which later resulted in a tear-stained nab of a Kind Dark Chocolate Cherry Cashew bar from their free digital download) the guy stocking the bags of spinach stopped to console me. Or in the carpool lane to pick up Louise when one of the teachers insisted that I pull over to a curb so she could hop in the car, hug me and say a prayer. Or the elderly woman in line behind me at Walmart as my eyes dribbled with tears out of frustration that I couldn’t get a bag of apples rung up properly who hugged me and helped me finish my transaction.

When I got home and ate the Kind bar and began drawing, it occurred to me that these random kind gestures from strangers are so meaningful to me, which isn’t to say that I don’t appreciate family and friends telling me “everything will work out” and all of the other loving, well-intentioned expressions, but when a total stranger shows compassion without having a clue as to what’s crushing me, rather than looking away (“what IS that nut job lady’s deal?”), well, at least it makes me want to increase my kindness quotient in kind. After literally crushing the bar between my teeth (these nut jobby bars can be cumbersome to eat), I relished the tart cherry’s compliment to the dark chocolate to the salty cashew lingering flavor in my mouth. So I need to allow myself my selfish moments, but also let the random kind acts from strangers linger too. 4/5

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