Qia Nuts & Seeds & Sea Salt: $0.49/Kroger

qia_nutsseedsseasalt (6)I love protest posters that are completely irrelevant but so fun to see bobbing around above the heads of chanting crowds, be-glittered or Sharpie’ed with scribbled slogans that have nothing at all to do with what the masses have amassed for. For all of the recent political protests, I enjoyed the totally random sign-waving. I had to buy poster board for a school project of Joanna’s several months back, and thought the Dollar Store would suffice, but turns out there is actually poor quality poster. There’s that thick foam poster board-board, then there’s flimsy tissue-paper, dinged and floppy poster paper, which is what I almost ended up with. That is until I realized we were also out of smoked almonds (nighttime snacking pleasure), so, not wanting to buy either Dollar Store poster nor nuts, I went elsewhere for both.

Jo’s project was about colonial times’ recipes, when I’m sure many of the breads and stews that she read about (and ultimately had to choose one to make to take to her class) used foraged ingredients like nuts and seeds. Despite a lack of foil-wrapped bars during the American Revolution, I’m sure a smashed Qia Nuts Seeds & Sea Salt bar would’ve been a delicious and indulgent convenient snack compared to some of the bizarre pastry, salad and casserole recipes that I’d seen in the assistance that I offered her. I was worried that I would get too heavy-handed with the artwork on her assignment, and that I would input too much of my chef-y choosiness for the recipes that had easy to buy ingredients (like nuts, seeds, and sea salt) because I’d bought the poster board, we’d shared the (delicious, crunchy, perfectly salted) Qia, and I’dWiki’ed enough colonial facts to don a petticoat and pick up some part-time hours churning butter at a Colonial Williambsburg tourist spot. 5/5

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