Premier Protein Cookies & Cream: $1.99/Kroger

premierprotein_cookies&cream (3)All is not well in Rectangle Land. Without going on a lengthy saga as to the woes that have befallen my family and I, I can say that I apologize for not being on top of my bar prose and drawings, although lately, my evening meditative doodles have been oversized words that I fill in with curleques and corkscrews and all other matters of inky patterns that allow my brain the much-needed distraction from the pain in my heart. When I started nibbling on a Premier Protein Cookies and Cream bar the other day, I found myself writing the word “Sad” and I had to add something to it when Joanna glanced over, asking why I would be sad. So to maintain my girl-power in her downcast eyes, I decided to superhero myself into a Sad Zap. Unfortunately the Premier Protein Cookies and Cream looked like an eskimo Dookie and made me want to Scream. I wasn’t hoping for some mind-blowing tasty bar, it was just something to fill my belly when I hadn’t gotten around to making myself lunch. But it would’ve been a tiny positive nudge if I had at least been eating something good. So after a shared bite with her, which we agreed was dry and lacking in its attempt to mimic an Oreo cookie, she gave me a hug and urged Louise to Zap her magic wand (a fly swatter) and turn me into a baby goat. Oh how well Joanna knows me and my love of baby goats, and if anything can cheer me up, it’s the image of a baby goat. I probably should’ve retrieved the bug-splattered swatter from Louise, but for a moment, even the brief one when I had finished chewing the bland and boring PPC&C bar, I wasn’t quite so sad because my girls are all the superpower that I need.
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