Special K Caramel Coconut: $3.99/Box of 6/Walmart

specialk_caramelcoconut (3)I’m reminded of little white Bradford Pear blossoms in the spring that stick to damp windshields if you park beneath their bowers on a rainy, windy day. And the smell of rotten fish from their blooms — why? Birds chirping even earlier in the morning ushering in Georgia’s fall, ever so slightly more mild temperatures lately that, coupled with the flowers still blooming everywhere, remind me more of spring – with all the Rectangle Turmoil lately, I wish I could rewind to last spring, or better yet, fast-forward to next spring when maybe I’ll be coping with doodoo better. For the timebeing, the shreds and tears and strings of coconut on a Special K Caramel Coconut Bar seems to looks like spring’s Bradford petals, and taste much better than dead seafood, thank goodness.

The last time that I bought a baby Bradford Pear tree (that sadly didn’t make it through its second season) was from the Pendergrass Flea Market. I haven’t ventured to “Georgia’s Largest Outdoor Flea Market” (that of the massive cow sign that starts mooing across the interstate’s billboard’s 100 miles north and south of the desolate exit where it resides) in so many years and recently returned back just for kicks. I used to comb the dirtier of the vendor tables for deals on video games, but they’ve all become wise to the reselling and value of retro games, and this one ripoff booth is still pushing products at ridiculous prices. My more recent visit was just for the fun of wandering and maybe, just maybe buying something. I wasn’t about to brave the piercer again; people almost wait for the punchline when I remark that yes, I allowed a flea market employee to stab through my skin with a needle. After wandering around until Joanna remarked that many of the items start to look exactly the same (only she would dip her hands into a huge bucket full of “gently-used” stuffed animals at $0.50 each) did we decide it was time to eat something. One questionable lunch later, our treat was a caramel-filled churro. This dessert made up for making aww-eyes at the $700 speciality-bred puppies, being cat-called by creepy shoppers and hearing vendors be extra sales-y and pushy about mysterious products, whapping at buzzing flies and sidestepping puddles of mystery fluids as we peered at cages over-stuffed with chicks – it was a remarkably simple and delicious treat. Something about a Special K Caramel Coconut snack bar reminds me of the Pendergrass churro, and I like that it’s in a factory foil packet rather than handed to me by gloveless hands. I’m not puritanically pure and particular about what touches my food, but something about being served food from a stand that’s within throwing distance of hay, animals, rusty car parts and dusty, dated electronics makes me lean in favor of Special K. Still a visit to Pendergrass with my girls is always a special day to me. 4/5
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