Annie’s Oatmeal Cookie: $3.49/Box of 5/Kroger

annies_oatmealcookie (3)I’ve tried quite a few Annie’s products, and on occasion, I get them mixed up with Horizon as both have cute animals in their packaging. I’ve eaten Horizon’s cheddar cracker cows, and Annie’s cheddar cracker bunnies, and neither is as good as Trader Joe’s cheddar rockets, and if I can find them, Harris Teeter penguins. (If we’re comparing Goldfish cracker wannabes.) Difference is, Annie and Horizon are both all natural, organic and maybe better for your kids (or you – hey don’t judge, if Goldfish are BOGO, I’ll load up on 20+ bags and the checker-outers at the store always chuckle and ask if I’m a preschool teacher.) Annie’s Oatmeal Cookie granola bar is gluten free but the taste is so boring, like any scene in Annie that doesn’t feature Mrs. Hannigan, because let’s face it, Carol Burnett is an awesome villain. Dancing doe-eyed orphans, dapperly-dudded Scrooges who turns out to have a heart of gold, and fluffy mutts can’t hold a candle to wicked drunk Mrs. Burnett.

Annie’s Oatmeal Cookie bar is gobbled up by Louise but she is not picky about what types of “Nola Bahs” that I let her try. There are plenty of other gluten-free bar options available that have more taste that this one. This is the 1st Annie product that I haven’t been wild about, so maybe they fare better flavor with the savory grub, like their mac n’cheese and crackers.

annies_oatmealcookie (4)annies_oatmealcookie (2)

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