Quaker Chewy Cookies & Cream: Kroger/$2.49/Box of 8

quakerchewy_cookies&cream (3)My Quaker Chewy Cookies & Cream drawing has nothing to do with the bar, but I was immensely in need of peaceful swirly doodles this afternoon after a particularly stressful morning. Sometimes I find myself zoning out with a black pen in hand to the point where my eyes began to glaze over, my fingertips ache, and my head vibrates, I get so involve in tight little detailed doodling. This drawing was thankfully the complete opposite – meditative and quiet curliques or curliquakers as it were since in between pen strokes, I took bites (it only took FOUR to finish) of a Quaker Chewy Cookies & Cream bar.

All capital letter emails are the worst, especially when it’s obviously not an elderly compueter-noobish user and is rather somebody intentionally wanting to come across as yelling. So in between responding to a shrieky message from an Ebay customer threatening negative feedback, Louise poos her pants, an erroneous ER bill greeting me in the mailbox, a wickedy painful psoriasis flare-up on the back of my scalp, broken garage door resulting in running through the house to the front door after holding the button down on the inside of the garage while the car runs in the driveway with capital-letter screaming child in the backseat. And the carride took us to a restaurant with friends and their equally difficult, crayon and french fry-flinging pre-schoolers, and I had to firmly stick to my No on the black and white over-sized cookies perched on the counter by the register at check-out. Yes I am complaining, but not in capital letters.

I was hoping some C&C not Music Factory, but cookies and cream alongside some soothing pen-scritching would derattle my jangles. The bar didn’t taste like the black and white cookie that I expected to, at least according to the little Faux-reo image on the front of the package. But the bright chartreuse and turquoise on the wrapper had a strangely relaxing effect on my peepers, weary from staring at tight twirls of my pen. What I would’ve loved for a birthday gift was more Micron pens and a full box of Quest Cookies and Cream bars because they are still the best-tasting approximation of the classic cookie. A cookie that I will only eat with a cautious sniff first now because Joanna recently confided in me a prank that she learned at school – scraping out the Oreo’s cream layer and replacing it with white toothpaste. Quaker Chewy Cookies & Cream had the same texture as their other flavors, but unfortunately doesn’t taste good enough to keep me from reaching for the actual toothpast to brush my teeth. 2/5
quakerchewy_cookies&cream (4)quakerchewy_cookies&cream (2)

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