Kroger Fiber Brownie Chocolate Chip: $1.99/Box of 5

krogerfiberbrownie_chocchipcookie (2)I’m not snobbish about store-brand items, but sometimes they’re just duds, and in the case of Kroger’s version of FiberOne’s brownie, this one failed. The texture is just totally wierd, like it can’t decide if it’s cake, brownie, or soft cookie, or even undercooked bread. There’s not a single chocolate chip that I can see nor taste, so the only thing chocolate about it is the diagonal drips across the top. And while I’m not particular about food being attractive (so long as it tastes good), the drizzle doesn’t have the same nice diagonal pattern as its brand-name counterpart. While the price was good (and we’ll see if the fiber duties measure up later on in toot form), I still can’t see myself buying these again. Kroger has such a generous return policy but at the very least, I’ll share these with Lousie to move along her reluctant daily doo-doo duties. We’ve resorted to stacks of library books (many of which also turn out to be duds as I usually grab them without really looking at the artwork or subject matter. Rhymes about Ramadan, poems about grandpa’s death, limericks about lining up for lunch at the school cafeteria, yes subject matter for children’s books runs a wide and varied scope.) I do love coming across the library books that are so old that they have a yellowed date-stamped pocket in the back from pre-barcode and that musty, dusty paper smell. Good thing this bar doesn’t smell like that, but like the teetering stack of books on Louise’s nightstand, this bar needs to go back to the shelf. 1/5

krogerfiberbrownie_chocchipcookie (3)krogerfiberbrownie_chocchipcookie (1)


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