Quest Cereal Protein Waffle: $1.99/GNC

quest_waffle (3)While Tom and I were out eating sushi a couple weeks ago, the girls were at a neighbor’s house eating waffles for dinner. I’m no stranger to the bodaciousness that is brinner, but I’ve never incorporated the syrupy sweetness of waffles into our suppertoire, typically on Fridays when the table is laden with frittatas of the vegetable and protein variety. Needless to say, when we were stuffed to roll out the restaurant door from trendy sushi rolls, the girls were still stuffing their sweet faces with waffles. A little while later after my appetite became victorious over its sushi hurdles and stomach started rumbling, I was happy to find that I still hadn’t eaten my one and only Quest Waffle Cereal Protein bar that I found on a dusty shelf at a GNC. My sister-in-law was the one who clued me into these new breakfast-themed delights from Quest and the gent working at GNC  looked clueless when I asked about them, pointing me towards near-expiration-date regular Quest bars for 97 cents, but not even aware that he had the breakfast ones in stock. (And yes, I stocked up on the 97 cent Quest bars even /gag/ PB&J flavor.)

The Waffle Quest is like those cereal bars you see at the gas station most frequently that are actual bits and shapes of cereals (Cheerios, for instance) glued together by a white sugary gelatinious milky substance that is supposed to be the “milk” because if you’re too lazy to pour a bowl of cereal and milk, then you should be able to unwrap foil a bite into faux milk that’s somehow holding together dry cereal. I am not saying this is a bad way towards Quest though – it smells like a Waffle House when I unwrapped it (minus the residual hashbrown grease a-drift in the vents) but it’s very light, weight-wise compared to a normal Quest bar. I was almost expecting it to have a textural imprint on the top like the crosshatchings of a waffle, but I still wasn’t disappointed in its appearance, nor its taste. If anything, since I ate it as a dessert, it’s a throw-back to when I’d be studying for exams in high school late at night and shuffle downstairs for a bowl of Waffle Crisp cereal. If you didn’t eat it quickly enough, it soggified in the milk so quickly, so it was always a race before the milk beiged and the miniature waffles became sponges. And eating this Quest Waffle bar is only a race in so much as I wanted to eat it before either of my girls roamed in the room demanding a taste, since they still had the lingering flavor of their waffle brinner on their minds and mouths. 5/5
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