Luna Peanut Butter Cookie: $1/Kroger

luna_pbcookie (3)Did you ever have a job when you were younger and regardless of what your job situation is now, if there was any way that you could go back to working there, you would? I worked at the most charming cookie cafe in college, walking from my apartment on the outskirts of downtown Athens in the dark quiet of 5 a.m., that lovely time when the drunks had all abandoned the streets. The owner would greet me w/ fresh coffee, NPR, and the ovens warming up to start baking cookies and other pastries for the morning rush, then later on, simple sandwich lunches that were always accompanied by your choice of cookie.

This Luna Peanut Butter Cookie bar, reminds me so fondly of having worked there, and what a laid-back job it was, and if I could be working there right now, I would. Unfortunately, it’s since closed down and the last I saw it fell prey to the corporate machine and morphed into /shudder/ a Subway. Two of the cookies that we made there, a peanut butter one and an oatmeal raisin one, I was convinced were okay as “breakfast food” b/c of, well, the peanut butter and the oatmeal. The owner of the Cafe, Lainey, told new hires that we were allowed to eat as many cookies on our shift as we wanted to, her reasoning being that either A. we would grow sick and tired of cookies, or B. we’d pack on pounds. (The latter was my cookie-curse coupled w/ copious potables of PBR.)
luna_pbcookie (4)
If I ate this flavor of Luna bar the way that I ate Lainey’s cookies, sure I’d probably get a little more round. Despite the heady nostalgia I am personally getting from eating this, it’s doubtful that I’d buy this flavor again because there are so many other Luna flavors that taste better. I wouldn’t say that it’s bad – it has the same predictable formula of squishy bottom layer (peanut butter, in this case), and semi-gooey, part crunchy oat-ey middle, which is more smooshy than I’d like. But for the momentary trip down job-memory-lane, I’m still happy to be chewing on this Luna bar. 4/5

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