Oh Yeah! ONE Mint Chocolate Chip: $2.49/Publix

victoryone_mintchocchip (5)Dust floofies, crumbs and air poofies are all on full frontal en flagrante display at approximately 8:47 every morning when the sunshine hits all the right places through our downstairs windows to spray a blinding beam through the dancing motes. Louise is dancing around my legs looking for more than a crumb of my Oh Yeah! ONE Mint Chocolate Chip bar while my eyes are trying to remain distracted from spotting all of the fluff flaws in the sunbeams. I let my tastebuds become distracted from all thoughts of “morning” when I bite into this unnaturally green bar that tastes more like dessert than anything resembling a.m. food. While Louise isn’t familiar with what Andes or York chocolate/mint candies taste like, she can certainly appreciate that this bar DOES taste good, and, to her, like the mint chocolate chip ice cream picture on the bar’s wrapper. Like with other Oh Yeah! (in my head, of course announced like the Kool Aid pitcher barreling through a wall) bars, the interior’s color is so off-putting that I need to eat it without looking, but what ended up happening was that I let my eyes wander around all of the areas of the kitchen and living room that would need a vacuum, sweep, dust or wipe-down. I should’ve started the morning with the cleaning and used the bar as a reward, or better yet, left the house entirely between 8:45 and 9:15 to give the sun a chance to move away from exposing all the dusty debris. It was a good bar, but not “chore-reward” good; that would be a scoop of mint chocolate chip teetering on a waffle cone. But seeing as how I’d already had a solid 45 min. jumprope, I feel like the macros of an Oh Yeah! are probably better for me than the empty, cold and delicious lack thereof of ice cream. As the dust floofies settled on the floor (or they just were no longer visible because the sunlight was shifting) and Louise finished her bar taste, we went about our morning, victorious from a good jumprope, not so victorious in the cleaning-up category. 2/5

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