Lara Uber Dark Chocolate Peanut Sea Salt: $1/Kroger

larauber_dkchocalmond (3)For Tom’s birthday surprise a few month ago I thought about taking him to one of those “Escape Game” places; I’m not sure if the concept has an actual name, but the few that I’ve heard about drop you in a themed room with a group of your business buddies, friends, or family and you have to solve clues in a certain about of time to get out, like Saw, but well, without having to dig through intestines. The plan instead became to take him to the studio in Athens where he got “Joanna” tattooed on his arm 9 years ago so that he can get a matching “Louise”, after I let him choose one of our old school favorite haunts for lunch. Although bars and boutiques come and go everytime we return to Athens, some places just hang around, or people hang around in the air like circus performers, perhaps at a bar I recall us going to called Trapeze? But please make no mistake and Yelp a place called Trapeze in Atlanta that turns out to be a very, very VURY adult-themed, membership-required swingers club. A dark club, I’m sure fifty shades darker than the seedy sidewalk I can only imagine it being adjacent to compared to drunk co-ed sunny Athens fun-times-Go-Dawgs Trapeze. But dark and darker would’ve been the Lara Uber Dark Chocolate Peanut bar that I’d planned to eat in between tattoo consultations and my leaving to stroll downtown for nostalgia, sights and doodling. The one that I just finished eating was good, similar to a KIND or Kashi bar with the chunky nuts held together in sticky suspension with a carpet of dark chocolate on the bottom. Like AthFest that we attend every June (to coincide with my birthday, of which I’m SURE the event planners have always meant to do) where we can walk everywhere and would never require an Uber, Tom’s birthday wouldn’t have either, and not just because we’re not bar-hoppin folks anymore (we’re so old and lame), but I’d meant for it to be a low-key afternoon with Tom getting some inky daughter love art, after sharing a nice birthday lunch together, and I would get some solo strolling action with a dark Uber bar to accompany me.

What actually transpired was me eating the awesome Lara Uber bar in the car on the way to Athens (still not telling Tom where we were going and why), having steamingly-delicious bowls of pho at Mother Pho (a place that I happily Yelped 5 stars) and him turning down the tattoo idea because he wanted time to draw it himself and not be put on the spot with a spontaneous needle and no knowledge of the artist. I understood where he was coming from and hope that his decision will trapeeze swing back the other way towards wanting a Louise tattoo sometime in the future and that I can treat him to it. 4/5
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