Lara Greens Pineapple Cashew: $0/Kroger

lara_pineapplecashew (3)Wheeee for Kroger’s freebie Friday digital download! Sometimes they are just random – cat food, powdered pudding mix, sour fruity worm candy, and then sometimes an awesome one sneaks through, like parmesan/garlic popcorn, or several weeks ago, any flavor of LaraBar Green bars, so I went with Pineapple Cashew. The taste is very pineapple-ey. Just like Kind’s pressed fruit. The appearance is brown gummy and tropical-scented, and if coconut made its way into my sniffer, I’d be convinced that I was chewing three-dimensional sunscreen. The wrapper is such happy colors, much more vibrant and funky than regular LaraBars. Louise enthusiastically gobbled the bites that I shared with her, and after her earlier breakfast of a Nutella-drenched croissant, at least something healthy went up in dem gutz.

She and I shared Lara Greens Pineapple Kale Cashew on our ride to a semi-recent part-time gig (since dropped in favor of a different part-time opportunity) assisting my Ebay colleague with the complete opposite of my regular Ebay retro reselling responsibilities, and instead helping him with his other entrepreneurial endeavors. Real estate, film location scouting, boat storage facilities, custom embroidered boxers, small town museum website updates, Craigslist furniture ads. Completely random. The drive to the office where he and I would’ve been meeting once or twice a week had me driving past charming red barns with goats a-roam, green cow-patty-dappled farm fields, and Louise’s favorite site to point out, a windmill, a structure that makes me, like many other people, think of Holland and tulips. The windmill we passed on this ride (after having finished the LaraBar and moving on to calling out “cow!”) was the nostalgic shape that is exactly what my imagination creates, and just like the colorfully-drawn ones that are featured in one of Louise’s Dora the Explorer picture books. If Swiper the Fox was to swipe a bar from me, I wouldn’t be lying when I say that I wouldn’t be terribly disappointed if he’d taken this LaraBar. I’d rather eat one of the date-filled sweeter ones than the gummy green ones, but free is good, and Louise finishing it is very good. 2/5

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