ThinkThin White Chocolate Cinnamon Bun: Box of 10/Amazon/$20.85

thinkthin_whitechoc_cinnamonbun (1)Think Thin’s Cinnamon Bun White Chocolate is a “new” flavor and I couldn’t find it in stock at any area stores, so now I’m stuck with an entire box of them that I ordered online, and none too pleased …

thinkthin_whitechoc_cinnamonbun (4)(…although Joanna almost always is delighted to play “garbage disposal” and taste-test any bars that I’m not thrilled w/.) Love the white chocolate, loathe the cinnamon. The spice is just a little too heavy for me to get past, like I’m chewing a stick of Big Red gum after having eaten a piece of white chocolate. Definitely not feeling any buns here either; just a whole lot of artificial cinnamon flavor. I will say that there’s something much softer and enjoyable about the texture of this ThinkThin bar in comparison to other flavors, but taste always beats texture, at least for me, so I’m sad to say that this Amazon order was a dud. If it were cut into tidy little rectangles, you could almost pass this off as a Christmas treat, fanning it out on a holiday platter w/ other goodies. Hmm but I don’t think the “sell-by” date will get me through to December. 3/5

thinkthin_whitechoc_cinnamonbun (6) thinkthin_whitechoc_cinnamonbun (5)

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