Pure Protein Blueberry: $0.99/Kroger

pureprotein_blueberry (3)My Kroger digital coupon list updates every few days to include more and more bars, most of which are Zone Perfect or Pure Protein. Occasionally I see some rather irrelevant coupons, making me wonder just how intuitive their system of tracking what I buy really is. For instance I’ve never had a pet, nor had to buy pet food for any reason, yet I’m always coming across coupons for dog treats. Oh and the occasional adult diaper coupon. My most recent bar purchase was Pure Protein Blueberry, yet another lumpy white bar coated in a yogurt-like substance, with an inside resembling a dalmatian. Like most other blueberry-flavored bars, this one tastes overly artificial, like a waxy blueberry Jelly Belly jellybean.

I encountered loads of blues during my morning run earlier this week in the form of blue dumpsters, blue scraps of sparkler trash and blue streamers that had torn away from their golf cart-festooned roofs. (Plural: rooves?) A veritable Frooze (fireworks + booze) had descended upon my neighborhood over the course of the holiday weekend because nothing says “America!” more than exploding litter and recycling freedom. We’reĀ  working through the huge bag of blueberries from a neighbor guilty of keeping me awake til 11 with her husband’s independence-celebrating fizzle pops in the street. Louise has decided, in typical toddler assertiveness, that she would rather toss, roll and flick blueberry marbles across the table rather than eat them, so I’ve managed to conceal them (sheesh, who has to “hide” blueberries from their kid? She is so clearly opposite of her brave-to-try-new-foods’ sister) this week in pancakes, waffles, along with swamp-murky smoothies loaded with handfuls of spinach and overly-ripe bananas. If I tried to give her either bananas or spinach in a non-ninja manner, she’d look at me like I was from a different planet. But if it were in rectangular form like say, a blueberry-flavored bar, she would have no problem cramming it into her mouth. 2/5

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