Quest Coconut Cashew: $2.50/Publix

quest_coconutcashew (4)Quelle sticky bar! My fingers are sticking to the keyboard with each attempt at a bite. But thankfully, each bite takes long enough to laboriously chew that I have the opportunity to wipe my fingers on my leggings. (I am really over the folks on Facebook who keep preaching that leggings are pants. My rule is as long as your a** is covered, fine. Be it with a dress, tunic, a long floppy stained concert tee. I got suckered into some frenetic fan group for Lularoe leggings, what is like all the face creams, jewelry, vitamin-fortified wine and other sales-ey hoo-ha that whizzes by my Facebook feed. For my years of selling on Ebay, one would think that I like the frenzied pace of button-mashing purchases, but I was too stressed out during the one online legging “pop-up shop” where you’d have to type in the comments as quickly as you could to claim your purchase. I would rather make it my quest to go to a store to actually try on leggings than deal with the anxiety of quick button-mashing online to fill a SAHM’s quota.

Funny that the Quest Coconut Cashew bar has “cashew” in the title yet almonds are higher on the ingredient list. Either way, I’m not tasting the cashew taste quite as much as I’d like, but the coconut taste, both in the foreground and in the aftertaste. Very reminiscent of the beach. I would not for a moment want to eat this on the beach though because the stickiness would attract a whole lot of sand. Then if I wiped my fingers on say, my beach towel, I would then attract seagulls and they would squawk and get their fill of Whey Protein blends! Imagine a blue beach sky with beefcake birds, but no, I’d rather throw sandwich crust, pistachio shells, and sandy fruit snacks. But if it wasn’t for the stickiness, I would rate this higher because the flavor is pretty awesome. 3/5
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