LaraBar Cherry Pie: $1/Kroger

lara_cherrypie (6)There are some songs that are almost innocent in their innuendo, or some that have no shame with their frisky lyrics like Southpark’s Chocolate Salty Balls. Sweet pop songs easy to sing along to until your kid is in the car and you catch your terrible voice cracking and what words are actually coming from your throat, like anything by Katy Perry. Sure Joanna’s in the backseat just groovin on the perky rhythm and not necessarily listening to the words, or rather, she’s going out of her way to NOT listen to her mom. Changing the station to what she would consider “oldies” (i.e. 90s grunge and 80s dance) and flashback to Warrant’s Cherry Pie, and Joanna queried “this sounds wierd, but can you bake a cherry pie?” I didn’t expect “this sounds wierd” to be followed by a request for me to bake a pie, but there ya go, that’s my kid for you. Food Network on the brain and not what Warrant is screeching about in this song. The only pie that I’ve successfully made is pumpkin, so sorry punkin, no cherry pie in your future.

Returning home from picking her up at tennis that afternoon and I rewarded her with a Lara Bar Cherry Pie bar. I really don’t know how they can make so few ingredients taste like their title’s flavor, and how they can do so with so many calories (if I were a more accomplished baker, I’d rather the calories from the pie), but Lara is more than successful at making my mouth and stomach go “yes, that IS cherry pie!” while I eat this. Joanna has never liked the texture of Lara bars and I tend to agree with her – their bars need some textural variance. No, I’m not saying that it needs a KIND crunchy quality or a Clif frosting drizzle or a Luna chocolate layer, but something to break up the taffy monotony. As far as I know, this is the only bar that is cherry pie flavored so I don’t have much comparison. Does it taste good enough to warrant (cough) a repeat purchase? Probably not, but with 4th of July in a few days, maybe I’ll be inspired to change my pie routine and try my hand at baking a cherry. 3/5
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