Lara Uber Dark Chocolate Pecan: $1/Kroger

uberlara_chocalmond (2)I love that LaraBar Uber Dark Chocolate Pecan with Sea Salt has a see-through wrapper and I can see all the goodies inside; there’s no hiding that this bar’s loaded with dark chocolate; in fact, one entire side is studded with miniature dark chocolate chips. Bar itself is very sticky and difficult to peel free from its wrapper, but well worth the effort. This might as well be a candy bar in disguise, the chocolate is so pronounced, but unfortunately, despite seeing them throughout the bar itself, I’m just not getting the pecan taste that I’m after. No, I’m not looking for that goopy faux peanut buttery-y taste here, I genuinely want to taste a nice bit or two or three of sea salt and pecans.

When I worked at Waffle House in college (for all of one summer when I was only taking 2 classes so I had a few months’ worth of free time for bizarro work hrs (2 a.m. truck-driving flirts? Check. 4 a.m. drunk co-eds? Check. 6 a.m. grease-eating hangover-ers? Check check check.) I pronounced the Pecan Waffle “Puh-kahn” and was constantly asked whether or not I was actually born and raised in the south where it is supposed to be pronounced “Pee-can.” On slow nights, we made Franken-waffles where we’d mix in sweet randoms like hot chocolate mix and peanut butter, or savory like diced ham and cheese. That is one of those part-time jobs that I can look back on and SMH, but also smile while doing so.

Well in this Pee-Can bar, can I pee-leese have another one? For the high (in comparison to other bars) calories, I’d put this one on the indulgent side, maybe sneak it into the movie theater to have during a 1.5 hr. movie instead of popcorn and candy. 4/5

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