Don’t Go Nuts Boogie Board Bash Bar: $1.99/Mystery Gas Station

dontgonuts_whitewatercinnamon (8)This bar was a total surprise at a roadside no-name gas station stop in South Carolina last month on our drive to Kiawah. A quick stop for a drink and a pee and my eyes drifted to the bar aisle. Don’t Go Nuts Boogie Board Bash Bar with a cute turquoise watersport bear logo, it HAD to be fate as we were on the way to the beach, we had stopped earlier on the ride at a Dunkin Donuts (I originally thought this bar’s label was “DoNut Go Nuts”) where I didn’t go nuts for the stale pastries nor the single use busted lock bathroom, and where our destination would have my feet tickled by the white crested waves of the Atlantic, similar to the white icing web across the bar. No, I wouldn’t continue to raw-ify my fingertips by shelling pistachios during the last leg of our drive, I would try a new bar. And I shared it with Louise since she was in the backseat squeaking for every toy that she threw/dropped resulting in a pitiful wail of “get it Mommy!”, but no, Mommy’s hands were either on the steering wheel or opening up a bar. The bite that I blindly passed/threw back to her disappeared quickly in her mouth. In my roadtrip ravenous appetite, I foamed at the mouth a la white water and tilted the bar back in only several bites. Having been made in a no-nut facility with no nuts in the ingredient list, it tastes no different than any other bar that doesn’t boast nut products as part of its main flavors. But unfortunately upon our arrival to the beach, the water was too cold for boogie boarding, but that certainly didn’t stop Louise from bashing over every sandcastle she could find. Boogie board beach bully indeed. 4/5

dontgonuts_whitewatercinnamon (9)dontgonuts_whitewatercinnamon (7)



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