Kashi GoLean Salted Dark Chocolate & Nuts: $1.49/QT

kashigolean_dkchocsalt (5)The closer that I get to the ocean, the moreĀ  my gut demands seafood. Dumpy stands and rust-riden trucks on the side of the road selling bags of freshly-caught shrimp beckon me the way that I’m seduced into Sephora when I’m in the mall. Totally different products, but when I’m nearby, it’s like a magnetic tug – eyelashes waggling towards a black-and-white storefront, or mouth dribbling towards a coastal streetside stand. So when I was going to Amelia Island for my friend’s recent wedding, I knew in advance that I would be ingesting as much seafood as possible, going so far as to dine at Timotis Seafood Shak in downtown Fernandina Beach thrice, in an effort to explore their menu’s simple, fresh, bright and scrumptious offerings. I made the mistake on the drive to the first meal at Timotis by eating a Kashi Salted Dark Chocolate & Nuts bar on the drive. The “sea salt” was supposed to be my hors d’oeuvres, the chocolate a tasty bonus appetizer and far from a palate cleanser as the day was muggy, hot and post-storm. While the bar was good, it filled me up more than I would’ve liked, leaving me with less room for the unbelievable blackened shrimp over beets, figs, feta, spinach and pecans. And re-reading that, minus the feta and spinach, I think a beet, fig and pecan bar COULD be quite good.

The color of the Kashi Salted Dark Chocolate & Nut’s wrapper is pretty close to that of the smeary beet juice that began dying my salad bowl and its ingredients a rosy magenta. And halfway through the bowl of oceanic outrageousness, I realized that I didn’t add salt and I’m a liberal sodium-sprinkler. My love of salt nonwithstanding, I should’ve saved the Kashi bar for the ride home’s dessert and instead tucked into the fish, fries, hushpuppies and coleslaw that my girlies didn’t finish because they were too busy playing on the pirate ship playground on the patio of Timotis. 4/5

kashigolean_dkchocsalt (4)kashigolean_dkchocsalt (3)

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