Nature Valley Backpacker S’mores Chewy Bites: $2.99Box of 6/Walmart

naturevalley_backpackersmores (2)When I pack a backpack, bag, tote, or purse, I try to keep the things that might get smushed on the top; I don’t think that’s earth-shattering planning or a tip worthy of a Pinterest-Mom-Knows-Best meme. But for some reason the folks who bag groceries aren’t always the most mindful of objects that might crush another (other than the near-newborn-baby gentleness with which they treat eggs and bread), and loe and behold, my box of Nature Valley Backpacker Smores was weighted down by cans of black beans and tomato sauce (Chili Monday was approaching), resulting in Backpacker crumbs rather than the adorable miniature bars that the bag’s picture showed.

If they were still intact, maybe they would’ve looked like bars for dolls, but I think the small rectangles would’ve been better off, and safer, from the shattering smoosh, had they remained in one large bar shape, but I guess Nature Valley was trying something new to coax their box into a shopping cart. Mission accomplished, and they taste good (the right crunch and icing drizzle and taste ratio of marshmallow to chocolate to evoke campfire and yes, longings for backpacking adventures.)

We’re leaving for a friend’s out-of-town wedding soon, and the first event of the destination nuptials is a welcome bonfire s’mores and cocktails evening. Now I’ve never had a legal fire on the beach so I’m excited for that part alone, but when a scorched white blob of sugar pillow is drooping on a stick over said fire, only to become sandwiched between cookie with a piece of chocolate, all the while with the possibility of small grits of sand joining the flavor for a chia-like textural crunch – Yes, yes yes. There might not be hiking involved but at least whatever is crushed between the valley of my teeth will be delicious and maybe a leftover bag of the Nature Valley Backpacker Smores will be road-tripper fodder for the return drive. 5/5

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