Clif Nut Butter Filled Coconut Almond Butter: $0.99/Kroger

clifnutbutter_coconut (3)Spring temperatures (rapidly increasing into sticky summer heat, ushering in the humming air conditioners and elevated power bills) awarded me with several mornings of flung-open windows. Unfortunately I also have two sloppy children (and a possible sloppy husband) who litter the floor around the kitchen table with crumbs thereby inviting parades of ant families to scavenge around for the accidental castoffs. Who am I kidding; in Louise’s case, they’re not accidental. She likes to wiggle her fingers angrily whenever a condiment or gooey food item that she’s not interested in eating, sending edible globs and goop ascatter. The vacuum has become a permanent fixture at our kitchen table. The 5th dining guest if you will, because I have to run it after every meal since I can’t ever find the source that the sneaky ants are after, once they parade through the open windows.

One thing that for sure wasn’t thrown was a half of a Clif Coconut Nut Butter filled bar that I shared with Louise last week during another especially mild open-windowed morning. No, she ate every bite and proceeded to “bar bite pullleeeeeeze??” me until I gave her the rest of mine. I found the coconut to be too tropical tasting, like my Dad’s coconut cake if it wasn’t baked entirely, but including a partially-baked layer of oatmeal in the middle. I can see these filled bars of Clifs being very popular for the squishy texture surprise inside the oat pillow, but this particular flavor wasn’t for me, although I know that Louise (and the ants) would disagree. Now, am I the only person who doesn’t necessarily care if I vacuum up all of the dirt/hair/dust/ants/floofies as much as I love the lines that a vacuum cleaner leaves in its wake? I think it’s the female version of seeing a freshly-cut yard with lawn mower lines. If there are vacuum lines on my carpets, don’t wear shoes with knobbies, bubbles, bumps or treads please. And if the windows are open maybe try not to drop (or intentionally fling) too many crumbs, but if you do, you can be assured that I will revel in the vacuum lines, but not in the taste of a Clif Coconut Nut Butter bar. 1/5
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