Clif Zbar Awesome Orange: $4.99/Box of 5/Target

clifzbar_orange (4)Carrots, mangoes and oranges make up the orange-hued flavoring in this kid-friendly Clif Zbar Awesome Orange bar. I wouldn’t think that citrus would make for a tasty bar, what with its soft squishy icing-drizzled baked good texture, but it tastes pretty solid. As much as I try to tuck little haloes and cuties into Louise’s lunchbox, hoping that her teacher declares her “Happy Eater Club!” while trying to encourage all of the other two-year olds to eat whatever attempted healthy, non-peanut fare their parents packed them, but she eschews orange food. And green food. And red food. Unless any of those colors are in the form of Skittles. See the other thing her teacher encourages is that they poop in the potty and get a Skittle, or that she throws Skittles in the potty and tries to get the boys to pee on the Skittle. I don’t approve of the latter because of the possible gag reaction to treats being fished out of a toilet.

A Clif Zbar Awesome Orange is only slightly orange in hue but still rectangular enough that Louise approves. It might not earn her a spot in the Happy Eater Club for sharing one with me, but at least it’s fortified with some vitamins and a small inclusion of those fruits and veggies that she would otherwise not eat. It’s like the squeezy baby food pouches that are getting more and more ridiculous in their ingredient combinations. There was a fiercely funny family who made several Youtube videos of the blindfolded parents trying baby food squeezy blends and afterwards, trying to identify what fruits, vegetables and grains they were made up of. If we tried the same game with bars, I imagine that most of them would follow the more predictable flavors, but Clif ZBar Orange definitely stands out on its own. And Louise will be declared Madamoiselle President of the Happy Eater Club if all she’s served are bars. 4/5

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