Nothin’ But Peanut Butter Banana Chocolate: $1.99/Vitamin Shoppe

nothinbut_pbbananachoc (3)A pillowcase-sized bag of chocolate protein powder purchased at Costco takes up almost the entire upper shelf of our pantry. One brzzzzt of its zip top releases its sweet powdery smell of cocoa, reminiscent of the industrial buckets of powders and mixes that we stored in our stockroom at Smoothie King when I worked there in high school. Since enough time has passed (and that particular location has closed down), I don’t feel grody saying that when we were bored and wanted our version of a hand-facial, we would dip our fingers into all of the various powders letting each one’s gritty, silky, soft, or coarse texture run between our fingers. The one that felt the best was a protein powder that felt almost satiny in its eggshell-white tasteless texture, but gave smoothies added fuel that I’m sure as a 15 year old, I wouldn’t have needed. A Nothin’ But Peanut Butter Banana Chocolate “premium snack bar” reminds me of the hand-facial’s version of a bar with different brown-shade textures condensed into a rectangle. (I think the only powder at Smoothie King, at least 25 /gasp/ years ago, that wasn’t an earthen whitish or brown hue was the green immune boosting one that boasted a “graham cracker flavor.) The chocolate and banana taste in the bar could easily take a spin through a Cuisinart with a blob of peanut butter and become not only a more hideous shade of brown, but would taste similar to the low sugar protein smoothies that we made for the buff gym monkies who’d shoulder their bulky limbs through the door. Tomorrow being Mother’s Day, maybe I’ll be treated to a smoothie, a facial, and an encouragement not to exercise.

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