Zone Perfect Chocolate Mint: $0.50/Publix

zoneperfect_mintchoc (3)I can’t resist the clearance table at Publix where I’ve found some of the more unusual condiments that have graced my pantry and fridge shelves, some of which are a one-try-then-toss, others that I’ve liked so much that I’m sad to find out that clearance meant discontinued and not necessarily borderline expiration. Single bars were floating around said table last week at Publix and I picked up every one that was shuffled around with Easter candies, baby formula, and mystery brand BBQ sauce; sounds like a very complex challenge for “Chopped.” As hard as I try to avoid the clearance table, it’s right between the cheese and the checkout, and since I love cheese, and I’m not about to filch groceries, I swoon to the sale-price song.

Peeling back the wrapper of Zone Perfect Chocolate Mint, it smells very strongly like an Andes candy, and I love that the bar is so chubby! The crater-like texture is reminiscent of Rice Krispies with a very, very strong minty aftertaste. It’s wierd, but my breath actually feels FRESH from eating this, despite the chewing and the chocolate involved. Perhaps that is why it was clearanced because people don’t want their chocolate to fool their breath into being fake fresh (or maybe they … do? If you can’t get your kid to brush his or her teeth? Maybe this “Nutrition Bar” is the answer.) In the scope of mint-chocolate flavored bars, of which there are alot, I’m still on the Luna-train. This is too minty in the back of my throat, like I’ve been breathing cold dry air after chewing on a Hershey rectangle. 2/5

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