Clif Berry Pomegranate Chia: $1/Kroger

clif_berrypomegranatechia2Summer is just about here, as insane as it seems to see that May 18th is Joanna’s last day of school, so I flip through the calendar, trying to fill in gappy days and weeks with camps and activities. One of the camps that she’s attending is a week-long adventure and survival camp at a nearby nature center, after which I hope she’ll have a greater appreciation for being outdoors and perhaps take an interest in my nudging (going on four years now) for us to go camping. And I’m not even talking about serious camping, maybe even just starting wimpy in a yurt or car-camping near a cement-block building containing an actual toilet with running water. The closest that she’s come to asking for an outdoor activity has been to return to the meandering rivers in the north Georgia mountains where she’d gone on a field trip many years ago, resting her head on a lazy raft while her hair trailed in the murky water behind her, no rapid, rock, or wave in sight. She’s a video game and beach gal like me I suppose, but maybe, just maybe, I can convince her that the mountains can be fun too.

If I show Joanna the wrapper of a Clif bar and remind her that we won’t be actually climbing mountains or scaling cliffs, and then proceed to tear open said Clif bar to share, that might be an even better encouragement. Her Gram used to live in the mountains of Blairsville and while she was too young to remember the last visit we made there before she moved out to Texas, I recall bright sun under an even brighter blue sky with patchy mountain shade and picking berries in her garden. Eating a Clif Berry Pomegranate Chia bar takes me back to those few truly relaxing visits to her cabin, despite that the twisty, winding drive up the mountain turned my stomach into a pit of nausea coupled with kaleidoscopic dots in my vision in my attempt to focus on just one unmoving spot on the horizon (if a horizon could even exist on these cliff-hugging, tree-laden narrow roads.) Chia wasn’t even on the trendy food horizon at the time either, possibly still living in South America with all of the other funky healthy ingredients that would soon grace kitchen counters and menus for their immune-boosting mystical, delicious qualities. I like the sweeter Clif bars that toe the chocolate dessert line, but the tarty berriness with the chia crunch makes this one a tasty alternative, and eating it reminds me of sweet summery stays with the mother-in-law, then that’s a bonus too. Maybe a visit out to Texas, the antithesis of a mountain-road carsick-inducing trek, should be penciled into the calendar as well. 5/5


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