Kellog’s Pastry Crisps Chocolate Caramel: $1.79/Box of 5/Kroger

kellogpastrycrisp_caramelchoc (3)Kellogs Pastry Crisp Caramel Chocolate had Kroger’s white and red “closeout” sticker all over it, so it’s either been discontinued or Kroger no longer wants to carry it. I learned this the sad way about my favorite yogurt flavor of Kroger’s, Caramel Spice Cake and didn’t stock up; turns out they’re just not making that flavor anymore. I’m not sure which is the case in this flavor, but for the cheap price, I snatched three boxes thinking if I liked the Cookies & Cream one so much, this couldn’t be that far off the mark…

And oui, this is delicious and like a Twix without the cookie crunch, but still shouldn’t be on a shelf between oatmeal, cereal and granola bars. The caramel in the middle is good and goopy, and the chocolate outer “crisp” layer is like an Oreo that’s been dunked in milk then dried … soft but not wet. I like how the label warns that it shouldn’t go in the toaster or the microwave. My inner rectangular rebel may do it anyways just to see what happens; I can only imagine that the caramel would be scorching. I suppose with “Pastry” in its name, folks may think it’s like a Pop-tart and could be toasted/warmed. But it’s still dessert more than anything to me; love that there are two to a package, and I guess for now I’ll enjoy my three boxes and probably never see them again. 5/5

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