Gatorade Fuel Honey Oat: $1.99/Kroger

gatorade_honeyoat (3)I love my highly-opinionated, designer-shoe wearing, champs’n’ciggies Mom. She’s not interested in reading any of my rectangle food posts so I can boast about how awesome she is here and she’ll be none the wiser. Her laptop only occasionally opens; she chooses to order straight from catalogues calling from a LAN line, and reads from actual books. When I became pregnant with Joanna, she insisted that her grandmother name not start with a “G”, as those monikers (like Gigi, Granny, Grammy, Grandma) would age her too much, so I came up with Honeybee, and remarked that the “bee” could also be a “B” for her last name of Birdsall, or a B for well, a B, if she was being one, which she so rarely, if ever, is.

My Mom is just as sweet as honey. I rarely use honey in anything other than baked goods or a stir-fry thickener. Joanna likes it drizzled over oatmeal and yogurt, and Tom likes it in his coffee. And now I realize that I like it in a Gatorade Fuel Honey Oat bar. Granted there’s no way that I can finish this bar, it’s just a protein stick of TNT waiting to explode and expand in my belly, but it tastes really good, making me rethink my seldom use of honey in things. It won’t convert my bowl of Multigrain Cheerios to Honey Nut Cheerios, nor make me squeeze a honey bear into my evening tea, but it’s tasty, not overly-dry, and very filling. Just not terribly affordable, but I luckily had a Kroger digital coupon to at least save a buck on one. My Mom’s experience with bars is as limited as her experience with electronics. My Dad sometimes gets her to share a bite of a Belvita here or there, but her appetite is as dainty as a baby bird’s so her version of a bar is a dessert consisting of a miniature “fun-sized” Heath or Almond Joy bar. Nothing would bring me more joy than if Honeybee would start reading rectanglefood, but since today is her birthday, I’ll keep my mouth shut (unless I’m eating another bar) and let her embrace her non-technologically-advanced side that is always her good side. 4/5
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