Power Bar Harvest Apple Cinnamon: $1.99/QT

powerbarharvest_applecinnamoncrisp (4)Power Bar Harvest Apple Cinnamon tastes like fall condensed into a bar. Leaves changing colors, schoolbuses returning to their routes (oh wait, that happens at the end of July now), the ridiculous return of Starbucks’ Pumpkin Spice Latte (which I refuse to acronym). This Power Bar Harvest Apple Cinnamon should almost be a limited-edition flavor only available
in Autumn, similar to Clif Bar’s pumpkin, gingerbread, and hot cocoa end-of-year availability. I fall prey to L.E. (yep, I will acronym that because I’ve bought and sold enough video game figurines and art online that I’ve become accustomed to using that in its title) products, and recently bought 10 packs of Jelly Bean Trident and Birthday Cake Pop Extra gum at a CVS for Easter, followed by 5 packs of Pumpkin Pie at Kroger that I found in a loose box on a shelf mixed in with greeting cardssss… wait, what Kroger? Pumpkin Pie gum was only seasonal last fall, so you had boxes of it that you’re just putting out now in April? Eh, it’s gum, I don’t think it can “go bad”, although one time I bought a pack of Apple Pie gum that was being discontinued and after 5 minute of chewing, the flavor strangely morphed into Big League Chew classic bubble flavor. (This Power Bar is like that Apple Pie gum, or it’s initial flavor, except it has texture, crunch, protein, and overall benefits that gum doesn’t.) “What was the 1st flavor of bubble gum?” Joanna asked me the other day. I’m going to guess that it was something flavored from a root, spice or plant, like cinnamon or mint. Certainly not a seasonal dessert flavor. 4/5
powerbarharvest_applecinnamoncrisp (5)powerbarharvest_applecinnamoncrisp (3)


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