KIND Maple Pumpkin Seeds: $4.99/Box of 5/Publix

kind_maplepumpkin (4)There are some unusual Dad habits that I wonder whether they are shared by other older fathers, or if mine is just a quirky gent. I was tickled to see a neighbor swatting at chubby carpenter “shiny-heiney” bees with a tennis racket the same way that my Dad likes to. My pop also derives a charming amount of pleasure from chucking rotten fruits and vegetables from off of his porch into the woods. Maybe that’s why he encouraged Joanna at a young age (and now with Louise) to throw rocks off of the bridge in our neighborhood when they take wagon or bike rides. I’ve just learned to never throw away an expired, rotten, or smooshy gourd, root veggie or fruit if I’m around him. I was surprised when he didn’t freak out when Joanna pointed out our two rotting miniature pumpkins sitting at the end of our backyard, stamped down by enthusiastic toddler tennis shoes to a orange ovoid splat. “What do you mean you didn’t THROW the pumpkin into the forest?”

I had completely forgotten to remove the seeds from that pair of pathetic pumpkins, for de-stringing, de-gooping, liberally dusting in sea salt and Cajun seasoning and roasting. It was only when I went to eat a KIND Maple and Pumpkin Seed crunchy with a chewy twist! bar that I risked a glance towards the yard in the hopes that a particularly hungry roaming canine or birds took off with the squished pumpkin. Letting my eyes de-focus as I finished chewing the bar (which was more like the texture of partially cooked oatmeal than crunchy and was not strong enough in the maple department) and started to see green and white fuzz commencing its twig adornment to the trees beyond our backyard. Spring, spring, spring! I feel bad for the daffodils and the crocuses that have started popping their pretty yellow and purple heads up around due to the gorgeous mild weather because I can only imagine that Georgia may yet be destined for freezy days. That rich crocus purple was my favorite as a child, and maybe that’s why I gravitated towards this flavor of KIND bar at the store – because the packaging included that vibrant deep violet. Tastewise, I wouldn’t hesitate to eat it crumbled over a vanilla yogurt, and I don’t dislike it so much that I would consider heaving it into the woods, but the color of the wrapper isn’t enough to make my want to buy it again. It does; however, make me itch for spring gardening. 2/5
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