Betty Crocker Chocolate Chip Oat Crisps: Kroger/Box of 8/$3.99

bettycrocker_olafchocchip (3)(Disclaimer – I don’t think these are available anymore.) Shaped like a surf board with an Olaf etching, this snack is a piece of edible Disney art for the sugar surfing yoof. I’m a duped parent! I’ve had this same bar before, but it didn’t have that snowman stamped on the front, and it was 4 wrapped to a pack instead of 2. This is just like Clif’s Halloween bar that was the same as their regular Clif Z-bar chocolate chip but had a “spooky” wrapper. I’m hoping that kids wouldn’t dip theirs into cups of coffee as I like to do because the warm caffeine liquid smoosh is a major improvement on this dull, dry chocolate chip-dotted oval. Does it REALLY bother me that it’s the same as Betty Crocker’s regular chocolate chip breakfast bar, only with Olaf’s likeness on it, with all marketing purposes of having kids go “me-wanty” or should I just let it go, crunch the cookie-bar, or give it to my daughters? Louise has yet to watch Frozen but everytime any song from it comes on Pandora when we’re in the car, she is silent and wide-eyed, a Zen-like trance overtaking her. It doesn’t matter if it’s the chipper (but also somewhat depressing) song about Olaf wanting to experience summertime, or the song where the sister and the evil dude get engaged at the end of it (now THAT’S a realistic relationship kiddos. I want my girls to think that not only can they be princesses with magic powers, but also that marriage proposals are as easy as a song and dance), she is calm and quiet. The same goes for when she’s about to enter snack-shriek tantrum-time and I hand her something like …a Betty Crocker crisp wafer cookie wannabe. Whether it’s crumbs in the corner of her mouth, or little pink ears absorbing a song, these are two things that can quell the crankies. Me, I need a little more substance from my bar or horns and punk-themes in my music for my bad moods to dissipate. 1/5
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