SkinnyGirl Chocolate Peanut Butter Sea Salt: $1/Kroger

skinnygirl_chocpbseasalt (4)Despite a ridiculous-sounding brand name (ranking higher on the eye-roll totem than Think Thin and Skinny Cow), I was really excited to see a entire endcap at Kroger devoted to some bars that they usually don’t carry. The sugar is pretty high on these, but the sea salt flavor tames the sweetness a bit; the best part about the Skinny Girl Chocolate Peanut Butter Sea Salt bar was that its calorie count was low and it kept mah guts satisfied for 3 hrs. Tom passed by my laptop the other day to show me the “Trump with no nose” gif and he then remarked upon my Google toolbar still showing my earlier browse for “my arms are too skinny?!?” I am fit, but saw a recent picture of me and my arms sticking out of the t-shirt sleeves looked like twigs, unless I flex, but it’s not like I walk around in a constant flex-pose. So how does one go about not having SkinnyGirl arms? I’m not sure if there is a weight-lifting regimen that I can adopt that would focus on making my arms larger, but not doing anything aerobic for the rest of me. I’ve never followed a particular workout routine. For years, my exercise was retail – being on my clompers for 10 hrs. Then it was Dance Dance Revolution on the Playstation 2. Drop the Bomb. Junior Senior. Lords of Acid. Occasionally I could go to an arcade and play Pump it Up, but I was never quite as good at the diagonal dance steps as I was at the up-up-down-down-left-right (B-A-B-A-Select-Start Metroid.) And when I wore out all my dance mats, I picked up a $5 jumprope and came to love what was a joyful childhood sidewalk activity disguised as serious business exercise. At first it was a slower process of getting the stamina and coordination to jump for awhile, but now I can throw on a 30-40 min. show on Netflix and happily jump. As long as you can capture that childlike whimsy and not think of it as exercise, then it’s just a fun distraction with the major added bonus of cardio. So I attribute my toned, but too skinny, arms to jumping rope (or is it “jumproping”?) and Tom’s answer to my Google query is eat more calories. So perhaps this isn’t the right bar for me unless I eat several, and it tastes good enough that I think I’d be A-Ok w/ that. 4/5
skinnygirl_chocpbseasalt (3)skinnygirl_chocpbseasalt (2)


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